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Laura Mathieson

eBay expert and management consultant

eBay UK started in 1999 and I started selling there in 2003. For ten years I was a Top Rated Powerseller, developing a presence on eBay and watching how the platform developed.

I’ve been providing expert consultation since 2007, working with more than 250 companies and helping them build their businesses, in particular helping them sell more on eBay.

Because I’ve studied eBay across its lifetime I am uniquely placed to understand the patterns, the history of what’s happened before and eBay’s development, to seeing what’s around the corner in order to help your business grow.

 Only I specialise exclusively in business development on eBay – it’s all I do. I analyse everything eBay – from research to defects to latest developments – and pass on the results to you, giving you a competitive advantage to maximise your potential to sell more on eBay. I provide fully managed accounts in some circumstances.

For the last 7 years I’ve also worked for various local Councils, providing Start up and developing business support, so I understand the pressures and opportunities facing you and can use my experience and knowledge to make bespoke suggestions.

 As well as analysing and making recommendations, I’ll make the changes in the most efficient way possible – creating and revising listings, updating shop settings etc. –  leaving you free to get on with running your business and increasing your eBay sales.

"Excellent level of detail, with some real examples from our store as well"


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If you live in the North East, you can receive a free 45 minute consultation at Newcastle City Library’s Business Centre – as the e-commerce expert in residence I’m able to answer your questions and help you decide which way to take your business.

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