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Do You Need an eBay expert?

  • Are you:
    Already selling on eBay and want to sell more than your competitors, or wondering why your products are not high up in search results?
  • Have your sales declined? Are you falling behind your competitors? Is eBay proving too confusing to understand?
  • You may have commissioned an expensive, swish new template to boost sales, or tried adding hundreds of keywords to your description.
  • You may have tried different formats such as using auctions or Best Offers. You may have paid agencies to add watchers.
  • Chances are that these tactics have not paid off – that’s because eBay has it’s own rules that need to be addressed.
  • What worked last year probably won’t work this year, and if you have seen your sales steadily decline, it’s clear something else is going on.

How Our Expertise Can help You:

Your established account can rely on us to build your sales on eBay, and then maintain your  high standing on search results. We support a number of eBay sellers this way.
Hundreds of searches are run every week to read which way the wind is blowing, so you can be advised on how to adjust your systems to keep up with eBay’s currents.

The results help you to interpret what eBay wants– resulting in higher search results and increased sales.

You can benefit from our eBay studying of 11 years  – first as a Top Rated Power Seller, then as an analyst and consultant.

Our clients have a range of different products, and have seen significant increases in their income streams because of our advice.
Why not let us help you too? 

We’ve put together some useful links if you are thinking about starting a business on eBay, or looking to develop your online business.

Feel free to explore the support that is out there, and please do contact us if we can help you start and grow a thriving eBay shop.

More links are being added all the time, so please check back regularly.

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