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“We weren’t sure we needed an expert but Laura doubled our sales in the first two months and now we trust her to manage all our eBay dealings.”

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Former eBay Powersellers, we’ve been providing expert consultation since 2007, working with more than 1000 companies and helping them build their businesses.

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“Laura and Selling on eBay UK have been a fantastic resource to our business. Since engaging the company, they have successfully tripled our monthly revenue from eBay. Laura’s inner knowledge of eBay and how it works, coupled with her keen business acumen and adroit advice have made her the perfect partner for us.”

Tom Wood trading on eBay as gowns-n-hoods

Is your business in North Tyneside?

If so you may be able to access our help completely free!

Selling on eBay UK Ltd is the North Tyneside Specialist Consultant for eCommerce and eBay, and may be able to offer fully funded support.

Please contact us for details, or visit the North Tyneside Council website 

Let us focus on eBay, so you can focus on your business

eBay expert advice, consultancy and account management

As an eBay UK consultant with a wealth of real life, practical business experience, both in selling on eBay and as a business development consultant –  I know how to help your business grow.

My team and I analyse everything eBay – from research to defects to latest developments – and pass on the results to you, giving you a competitive advantage. We also manage accounts in some circumstances.


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Flexible systems to suit your business – ad hoc checks or fully serviced accounts – whatever is right for you.

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