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Product based shopping experience – eBay’s catalogue

The rollout of eBay’s Product Based Shopping Experience (PBSE) continues. This is eBay’s plan to eventually have most of its products for sale listed in a catalogue, against which sellers will match their items. This is similar to Amazon’s system and ties in with Google’s increasing emphasis on using GTINs to find and map products. GTIN stands for Global Trading Item Number and includes systems such as Barcodes (EANs), ISBNs for books, UPC numbers etc.

Currently there are only a few categories where the catalogue is compulsory, and several more were postponed until early in 2019.

Categories currently available to list against:

Categories and Products which require mandatory listing against the eBay catalogue:









Cardio Equipment



Major Appliances

Portable Fans

Programmable Thermostats

Small Kitchen Appliances

Space Heaters

TV, Video & Home Audio: Internet & media Streamers


Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants

More information here:

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